The Future Generation International School (FGIS) was founded on 2010 with a view to creating future leaders for the country to overcome the upcoming challenges of the world. It is the one and only ICT-based English Version School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The school follows Montessori Method based education. It ensures quality and creativity with some proven teaching methodologies.

The FGIS shall develop individuals in a culture of excellence imbued with personal discipline and moral consciousness.


Believing in the pursuit of quality education, the FGIS envisions itself to be a leading Bangladeshi school committed to the holistic development of its graduates in basic education curriculum emphasizing science, technology and moral values.


The FGIS shall produce graduates who are academically equipped through an enriched basic education curriculum emphasizing science and technology, Mathematics and English communication skills; responsible and aware of global, societal and environmental issues and with a deep love of humanity and country. 

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  1. This is the best English Version School in Bangladesh.